Posted on
February 2, 2023 by Dr. Alda Ngo

MASKS Masks are now optional in the clinic. However staff are still required to wear a mask. WHAT IF YOU HAVE SYMPTOMS? If you have new symptoms and/or don’t feel well enough to come in to the clinic, please let us know and we can reschedule your appointment. If you have symptoms but feel well… Read more »

Happy Lunar new year!

Posted on
January 22, 2023 by Dr. Alda Ngo

Beginning Anew In Vietnamese, we say, ” Chúc Mừng Năm Mới! “ The lunar year begins anew bringing Water Rabbit energy (or Water Cat energy in the Vietnamese zodiac). I love lunar new year activities & how they carry meaning & intention for beginning anew. We often look at the new year with hope, making… Read more »

Mindful Eating Is A Secret To Longevity

Posted on
January 17, 2023 by Dr. Alda Ngo

Mindful eating is an ancient Chinese medicine secret to optimal health & longevity. We believe that it’s a shame to eat healthy food if the body is unable to absorb nutrients properly. Today’s scientists agree that if we’re able to slow down & be present with food, we can benefit more from what we eat…. Read more »

Infertility Holiday Stress Clinic

Posted on
November 7, 2022 by Dr. Alda Ngo

Is your fertility stress worse over the holiday season? Do holiday family gatherings, kid-centric activities and increased financial burden amplify the difficult emotions and loss that you are feeling? Studies show that the stress associated with infertility is significant – comparable to the stress associated with illnesses like cancer and HIV. We know the sting of… Read more »

Mindfulness and Neuroplasticity

Posted on
September 7, 2022 by Dr. Alda Ngo

What is Neuroplasticity 90% of the Brain’s activity occurs beneath conscious awareness. Even though it may seem that we have control over how we think, feel & behave, we often get swept away by strong emotion & react in ways that automatically occur out of unconscious habit.  Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to change &… Read more »

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