Mindfulness for Fertility: Fall Program

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Sundays Nov 18- Dec 9  (7:30 – 9pm)

Are you struggling with the distress of trying to create a healthy pregnancy?

Many women describe their struggle with fertility as an emotional roller coaster that affects every area of life. To help you navigate this challenging journey, we introduce this unique and practical 4-week research-based Mindfulness For Fertility Program. It has been carefully developed, based on the growing body of research demonstrating that Mindfulness-based programs alleviate stress and boost fertility.

 Discover how to calm your mind and process your emotions. Under the compassionate guidance of Whole Family Health fertility specialist, Dr. Alda Ngo (Dr. of TCM), you will learn mindfulness-based stress reduction and Chinese Medicine relaxation techniques designed to release stress and help recover a sense of peace. It will give you the skills to move forward on your path to parenthood with increased ability to relax and a greater sense of wellbeing and ease.

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