Mindful Eating Tips

Posted by Dr. Alda Ngo

Practicing Mindful Eating can be intimidating so you can start simple. It’s a practice, and sounds relatively easy but can certainly prove to be more of a challenge. It could be as simple as stopping to enjoy a cup of your favourite tea or even just the first few sips of it, and the effects of slowing down for no matter how short a period of time helps to cultivate a healthy practice of self awareness.  

Mindful Eating Tips

  1. Simply eat. Avoid multi-tasking while you’re eating.
  2. Chew thoroughly. Make sure each bite is well-chewed before swallowing it. Aim for 25-30 bites.
  3. Find a quiet and relaxing spot. Maybe even consider eating in silence, even if it’s just for the first 2 minutes of your meal.
  4. Routine. Set a particular time aside each week to truly savour a few sips or bites, or a favourite beverage or meal.

Canada’s Food Guide also offers the following Mindful eating habits:

Think about the last meal or snack that you had. Can you describe:

How you ate?
            Did you eat slowly?
            Were you distracted?
            Did you eat with others?

Why you ate?
            Were you hungry?
            Was it offered to you?

What you ate?
            What food and drink did you have?

When you ate?
            What time was it?
            How long had it been since the last you ate?

Where you ate?
            Were you in a space meant for eating?

How much you ate?
            How much food and drink did you have?

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