Mindfulness Meditation Class: Self­-Compassion and Presence

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Want a moment of calm? Who doesn’t! Let’s face it, we are getting busier, doing more for others and less for ourselves. But, there is a way to create a moment of calm in your busy week, that’s right just for yourself.

Whole Family health is now offering an intimate 6-week Mindfulness Meditation Class where we explore the healing power of present moment awareness and acceptance. In a cozy, warm room for 6 participants, you will receive intimate, personalized one-on-one instruction focusing on developing different Meditation techniques, mindful movement, deep­-relaxation. and self-compassion.

Culminating the knowledge of Vipassanā meditation and the evidence based approach of mindfulness-based stress reduction, this class offers a unique wealth of information and training that creates great space for cultivating deep healing and higher awareness within yourself.

Join us for our 6­-week series, Mindfulness Meditation: Self-Compassion and Presence, where we will work with formal practices of sitting, body scan, and guided self­-compassion Meditations. A series of classes intended to support healing and well­-being with limited space; be sure to reserve your spot today.

Monday Evenings, 6:00 pm – ­7:00 pm
April 4­ – May 9
Space is limited, to register please contact 780 756 7736 or info@wholefamilyhealth.ca

Cost: $150
Registration must be paid up front to reserve spot it in class. 

*Registration limited to 6 participants per class series. Intimate, personalized instruction.

This series will be instructed by Cecil Horwitz, founder and clinical director of Whole Family Health who is Harvard trained in the field of Mind Body Medicine, and Kat Boehm, Yoga and Pilates Certified Teacher who has studied Mindfulness Meditation practices and Yoga Philosophy.

What is Mindfulness Meditation and what are the benefits?

Mindfulness Meditation is defined as: present moment awareness with non-­judgmental attention. It has been proven to be a great support for the natural busyness of our lives, as well as to create space for difficult emotions and thoughts. When we are not living fully in the moment as it is, we are reacting to life, instead of being engaged with it. Mindfulness has the capacity to teach us how to slow down, pause and respond to what life is presenting.

In this series of classes we will explore simple but effective meditations that will enhance our ability to live life fully, no matter what is happening. Some call it mindfulness; it is also known as mindfulness-based stress reduction, awareness, or meditation. There are active and passive forms, and they are virtually accessible to anyone – that’s right, we can all do it!

Anxiety, stress, depression, exhaustion, and irritability all decrease with regular sessions of meditation. Memory improves, reaction times become faster, mental and physical stamina increase, thinking becomes clearer, sleep improves, blood pressure lowers, which all leads to fewer doctors visits; the benefits to mindfulness meditation are endless!

If you are interested to learn more about how mindfulness meditation can help reduce the physical and mental impact of stress on your life, contact us today!

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