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Identical twin girls

Alda, I am writing to let you know that last week, I gave birth to identical twin girls. Thank you so much for caring for me. I learned so much from you and am certain that the changes that I made to align with your advice helped me reach this point. It has been a long and challenging journey and my husband and I are so thrilled to now be parents to these lovely girls.

Thank you, from a now rested mom!

I just wanted to give a huge shout out to Kelsey! She’s a magic worker on both of my kids. They were so cranky before acupuncture and within hours we saw a difference in both of them. By the time we made the drive home, they were both happy, had bowel movements and slept a 12-hour night!
Thank you so much Kelsey for having a sweet and fun approach and being so great with the kids. They both adore you!
Thank you once again, from a now rested mom 🙂

Taking Care of Clients

I love this place. They take care of their clients and patients very carefully.
I have had massage from about 5 different places but never satisfied but at Whole Family I always have very pleasant time. Natasha is great massage therapist.
I needed prenatal massage she knew what pressure areas were tensed without me telling her. My body feels very relaxed. They are good with the timing.
Alda and Christina are great acupuncturist.
I had issues with fertility but with few fertility acupuncture treatments I was able to conceive and I am due any day now. I will highly recommend this place. I love this place I will coming again again for any treatments


I really appreciate having you as my acupuncturist since 2015. Since then, I conquered my fear of needles with your help!

Incredible patience

Thank you so very much for your care over the past three years. Your patience, perseverance, and calmness have helped my body heal.

Gentle care

Thank you for taking such good care of me these last few years. Your gentle care, kind soul, and listening ear got me through some of my hardest times.

Made such a positive difference!

Thank you for all your help & support. Your calmness brings so much peace to a very stressful path.


It is difficult for me to put the depth of my gratitude for you into words. You have been a guiding light, a grounding presence, & a trusted advisor for me these past two years. You’ve helped me feel more comfortable talking about my experience than I ever thought I’d be! I truly admire how you hold space for all the frustrations that come along with infertility. I feel so grateful to have been in your care. Your knowledge and approach provide such a loving space to receive another life into this world.

Special thank-you

A very special thank-you for providing such amazing support to me along the way to fulfilling our dream of having a family.


What a long journey it has been! I so appreciate your steady support and advice. Your kindness gives far beyond the norm. Thank you for being a warm shoulder when I needed it.

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