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Male Factor Infertility

I think when us guys hear the words “fertility issue,” we tend to look for ways to fix what’s broken. My wife and I have been through the grinder and every test conceivable (<-yeah it’s a pun) for Western medicine. There was no easy fix for what was quickly starting to look like an “infertile couple.” Our last option was surrogacy but we still needed healthy eggs from my wife and good sperm from me to proceed. We asked around about what we could do to increase our chances of having success with creating healthy embryos.

Acupuncture was mentioned a few times so we gave it a whirl. It really was the best advice anyone gave us. We went for a few months of treatment and, in tandem with a fertility clinic, created several healthy embryos as a result. We now have a little girl that has just turned one. We can’t thank Alda and the rest of the team enough for helping us. They can truly make a difference.

Lastly, I encourage all couples to BOTH go for acupuncture.  So often I see women at the fertility clinic on their own. I think it’s important for both partners to be there and go through the experience together.

Clint H.


Great support!

Hi Cecil,
Long time no talk. I hope you are well. I’m not sure if you know about our miracle that God gave us but I’m 15 weeks pregnant. I saw Christina weekly for acupuncture during my 1st trimester. Things have been very good although I was in the emerg on Thursday with bleeding and cramping…you can imagine I was terrified. Baby is fine and it turns out that there is a subchorionic hematoma between the placenta and cervix with the placenta slightly pulling away. So not ideal obviously…it’s really weird because an ultrasound 3 days prior showed nothing. I’ve been put on bed rest and advised to follow up with my OB. It’s nerve-wracking but we’re hopeful and praying for this little miracle to thrive! I had meant to email you sooner …just thought I’d touch base and also let you know how great it’s been to have the acupuncture support from Christina at your clinic.
Sincerely, SC

My little miracle.

Hi Cecil!!

I wanted to let you know that our little girl arrived March 10, 2019 weighing 7lbs 15oz.  We are crazy in love with her.

I am forever grateful to you and Paige for helping me get my little miracle.


Effective Induction Massage

I went in for an induction massage yesterday evening at 4:30pm, and had my baby this morning at 7:00am. Thanks for the great service!


Her services sincerely helped my husband and I to conceive

Please pass my good wishes to Kelsey as I believe her services sincerely helped my husband and I to conceive our baby.

“I feel like she is a friend who understands my health issues.”

I love my acupuncture appointment time with Kelsey! I feel like she is a friend and understands my health issues and does her best to help me with it through treatment and discussion. She takes time to listen and fully give me her time! Ashley at the front desk is fabulous! She is always so cheerful, welcoming and will accommodate appointment changes and appointments so easily! Love your clinic and always recommend it to others when they are looking for health solutions! Keep up the excellent work!

Great Consult!

Had a great consult & will be going back. Very warm, knowledgeable & attentive staff. Answered questions with ease. So great! Highly recommend.

Very impressed with the clinic!

What a great session, and I was very impressed with Cecil’s knowledge, demeanor, and ability to put me at ease. I also appreciated all of the materials and information he shared. What a wealth of experience and expertise! I was very impressed with my first appointment and will be sure to recommend him to others.

I recommend them frequently

I’ve been taking my kids to see Cecil for a few months now, and I can’t say enough about how awesome he is. He treats them with respect, comfort, and they adore him. He is also very aware of my health as a parent, making sure to take time to check in on me, and explain everything to me without adding any stress to the situation. The front end staff is always so nice and I recommend them frequently!

Christina is THE best

I have been a patient of a few different acupuncturists and I must say that Christina is THE best. She is extremely knowledgeable, detail oriented, accommodating, and caring. I highly recommend her!

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