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Constipation in Children

Constipation is a normal occurrence in adults and children in our present society. Eating less fiber, drinking less water and the introduction of processed and refined foods into our diet has added stress into our digestive systems. (more…)

Healthy School Lunches for Kids

A month into the new fall routine, I start to notice lunch time around my daughters daycare change. What started the year off well, as I snooped at what some of the kids were eating, has totally gone downhill. I observe kids eating pizza, pizza pops, (more…)

Natural Treatments for Asthma

One of the most common childhood issues is asthma. The symptoms of asthma vary in degree and from person to person. Although the disease can occur in children of all ages, it most commonly develops before the age of five. (more…)

Natural Treatments for Teething

Teething can be a really difficult time for the whole family. I have treated many infants who have gone through the teething process with much pain and discomfort, crying and lack of sleep. It is no wonder they are miserable all the time. (more…)

Acupuncture and Massage for Children

Typically when our children are sick, we don’t think of acupuncture, Chinese herbs or massage as the first line of defense. The great news is that all three can provide a safe, natural and very effective option for children who may be suffering from colic, ear infections (more…)

Go GREEN for the Health of You and Your Family

With the recent 8.9 earthquake and tsunami that devastated North East Japan, the 6.3 earthquake in New Zealand, the floods in South Africa, Brazil, Philippines, Australia and India, and the evident climate change that is taking place world wide, (more…)

Safe, Effective Treatment Options for Mother and Child

When a woman first finds out that she is pregnant it can be the happiest time in her life because of the fact that she will be bringing new life into this world.  This is the time when her motherly instincts kick into full force and she wants to do everything possible to (more…)

Pediatric Massage

“MOM, Mom!” my daughter calls from her room, blanket and lotion in hand. “Can I please have a massage before bed, I’m soo sore”. One thing is for sure, my four year old is far too young to be sore, but she sure loves her massages. Since she was born, I have been incorporating massages into her bedtime routine. (more…)

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